Now Hiring: Wonderful Machine Executive Producer

A few years ago, we started, a free website for freelance art producers to showcase their work, share their resumes, availability, contact information and other relevant links with people looking to hire them.  Ever since then, people in our community have come to trust our site as a resource for freelance art producers.  So, when Wonderful Machine  reached out to see if we knew of any freelancers looking for an executive producer full time position, we were reminded once again of the power of community.  So, we first shared the job opening with the freelance group and now our larger community so you can spread the word.

Do you have a love of photography? An entrepreneurial spirit? Wonderful Machine may be the place for you!

Wonderful Machine, a production company with a network of 700 photographers around the world, is looking for an agent/art producer to join their team in Pennsylvania.

They are currently seeking someone who has experience creating estimates for commercial photographers and producing advertising photo shoots, to add to their team.

The job has two main parts: project management and business development. If this sounds like a good fit for you, apply at the link below. Good luck!


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