Doug Menuez Talks Digital Change with Surface Magazine

“We can’t be passive, digital sheep to the slaughter.”

Doug Menuez spoke with Surface Magazine’s William Hanley and designer Todd Bracher at a recent event in NYC.

By Missy Hunter

Doug Menuez has a burning curiosity about the human condition and what we all have in common. As a documentary photographer, he spent a few years covering a young Steve Jobs and witnessing the digital revolution first hand.

With rapidly changing technology in mind, and his Leica fueled photographer’s vision, Doug appeared as a guest speaker for Surface Magazine. The topic discussed was how technology and lighting affect our daily lives. Doug has always recognized that history matters, noting “we have to look to it for answers as a way of inspiring change.”

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Doug had a chance to talk some about himself and the idea of understanding who we are and why are we here? “I’m constantly asking that question through the pictures that I’m taking of the human experience…and I’m always thinking about light. I want to grab you emotionally…and a great picture that you’re going to remember has great use of moving your eye through it, with light.”

Seeing that the talk was about how “technology and lighting – from our screens and in our environments – affects our daily lives”  our favorite takeaway from Doug was a nod to his Fearless Genius project, referencing the damaging effects of blue light on our bodies. He encouraged change “We can’t be passive, digital sheep to the slaughter.” We all have our marching orders for the next digital revolution now, don’t we?

Check out the Surface Magazine article or the summary video for the enlightening discussion.

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