An abundance of accolades for Andy Anderson

Andy Anderson is a photographer giving us his vision through curiosity, and living a life committed to the outdoors. “It is more than a passion for me, it is what moves me forward, gets me out of bed each day and what keeps me awake at night.”


By Missy Hunter

Photographers use one “eye” to record reality and produce images. One Eyeland, the site whose name was coined after this concept, held their annual contest and announced the 2018 photography winners. We’re thrilled to share that Andy Anderson’s work won three awards, and was a finalist for a fourth.



Architectural Aeries Series – Las Vegas – Silver Award

“To me, landscapes are rugged, mysterious and all the time magical.”

Much of Andy’s photography is documenting the pastoral. Capturing landscapes via drone photography was the next logical step. He explains his thinking for the Las Vegas Series, which won a Silver Award. “I set out on this project to capture the encroachment of suburbia on our open and wild places. Vegas was the place to shoot this because this very event is happening throughout the West.”


Nature Aerial – Sand Dunes – Bronze Award

Sand Dunes, winner of the Bronze Award, was taken at Dumont Dunes in the Mojave desert near Death Valley. Andy shares “I really did not know what I was going to find, but when I arrived there, I was pleasantly surprised by the number of dune buggies. It’s very graphic and wonderful to capture.”

We had previously written about Andy’s exploration of Chimp Haven with Dr. Jane Goodall in this post. Two of the images that came from this journey received honors.


Nature Wildlife – Chimps – Silver Award


People Portrait – Jane Goodall – Finalist

Chimps won a Silver Award, while Jane Goodall was a Finalist. I think it’s safe to say acknowledging work capturing the chimpanzees and Dr. Jane Goodall is the cherry on top of an already rewarding experience. What Andy told us in October, still rings true, “What I love most about these images is that these are so much different from what I have shot in the past. I love new adventures and experiences, and this was one of those.”

Congrats Andy!

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