aPhotoEditor talks LinkedIn with Art Producers

 “I enjoy seeing my business connections showing great campaigns they have worked on but not work they shot to direct me to their website.” – Suzanne Sease

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By Missy Hunter

We recently were asked by a photographer about our thoughts on LinkedIn and remembered this interesting piece by Suzanne Sease for aPhotoEditor discussing the merits of marketing with LinkedIn titled “Is LinkedIn the New Facebook?

Our key LinkedIn takeaways from the article:

  • More people are moving to LinkedIn as Facebook becomes more saturated with political news
  • Individuals are using LinkedIn like they used to use Facebook. They are sharing third-party news as well as providing updates of their work and accomplishments more frequently than ever.
  • People are using LinkedIn as a means to market themselves to their community, which is appropriate given this is a business network.

Art Producers
The author did a survey of Art Producers specifically asking about how they use LinkedIn for business. Key Takeaways for the survey:

  • Art Producers are happy to see work from existing connections.
  • The majority don’t use LinkedIn as a means to find new photographers.

The author advises against using LinkedIn to show work via cold calling (aka sending connection requests).

We’re curious. What is your perspective? Should LinkedIn be used for cold calling or a soft sell of existing connections’ work?

And, thank you David Martinez for sharing your image with us for this post.

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  1. Were there any thoughts on just sending connection requests? Not sending actual “hey here is my website” but a true honest – we are in the same industry and i’d like to connect message?

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