Bringing green to productions with CO2Cycle

“We believe green sets and eco-sensitive special events are good for the planet and compatible with responsible budgets.” – Paul, CO2Cycle


By Missy Hunter

Hannah Wolfert, an Art Producer friend, recently introduced us to a company that is making strides towards green productions and events. We thought it was such a positive and proactive idea, that we’re sharing here. On production shoots, CO2Cycle wants people to be creative, productive AND green.

Hannah shared that for 1% of the budget on their particular shoot, CO2Cycle covered sustainability PA from sorting trash and recycling throughout the day, to sustainability EQ including solar-powered phone and laptop chargers and catering appliances to recyclable water cups or stainless steel water bottles to sustainable catering supplies.

From Co2Cycle “To make a shoot carbon-neutral, CO2CYCLE calculates the carbon footprint based on factors like transportation and trucking, flights, hotel nights, meals served, power consumed on set, etc. We show you that calculation and offer you a choice of several projects to invest in, with the carbon offset credit, that will remove an equivalent amount of CO2 from the environment, ranging from forest rejuvenation, windmill farms and wetland restoration, to name a few. The client’s name is listed on the certificate verifying the investment.”

CO2Cycle offers these services on the West Coast. Let’s go green as much as possible!

Special thanks to Andy Anderson for the featured image; a beautiful representation of the joy that is our planet.

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  1. Heather & Missy! Thanks so much for sharing this information with the rest of the community! I was so ecstatic to have a service like this on our production. It was fantastic and I was so happy to see less waste during the shoot (it’s always been a pet peeve of mine!). So glad you’re helping to get the word out there! THANKS!!

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