Andy Anderson, Daniel Bedell, and Workbook Radio

“Exploring the human condition is a journey and it’s this desire to learn more that makes me dream of trips to faraway places.”¬† – Andy Anderson


By Missy Hunter

Previously, we’ve written about The Workbook starting a podcast called Workbook Radio.¬†Recently photographer Daniel Bedell spoke with Andy Anderson on the podcast, and covered topics such as the type of assignments he takes on, storytelling style, agents, awards, and the shoot itself.

Episode 1

In the first of a series of podcasts, we hear about the type of work Andy does. How does a photographer transition from editorial work to commercial, and how do you approach pro-bono and personal projects? Andy’s answer, in short, you don’t. You do it all. Andy shared what we already know about him; he has had a life-long love affair with curiosity. His photography is expressed through that curiosity. Andy does all kinds of photography: editorial, commercial, personal and pro-bono. He shares he doesn’t worry about the “type” of work that he does, as that would be overthinking it. He stays true to himself and feeds his obsession with photography.


Episode 2

In the second podcast, Daniel and Andy discuss business, reps, location, and more.
When asked about storytelling, Andy shares his goal is to be true and honest with his photography, such as using as much natural light as possible. He lives this vision too since he intentionally resides nowhere near a metro area, in Idaho. His love of the outdoors allows him to capture the truth as he sees it, rugged, mysterious, and all the time mythical. You can’t do that in a thriving metropolis.

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A portion of the discussion covered working with reps. Andy, speaking about our partnership, talked about the importance of finding someone who will “carry your karma,” someone who identifies with your philosophy, collaborates with and directs you in spreading the word of a photographer and their work.

Episode 3

The third¬†episode covered working on a shoot, both in pre-production, on-set, and post. Andy is very down-to-earth and no-nonsense. Many photographers say they “have become used to putting out fires.” We’re certain Andy is the only photographer that can say he has both figuratively and literally put out fires. Andy was previously a firefighter, so he knows what he is talking about when he says “I’ve put out fires before.” The most significant takeaway from this episode is Andy’s view that collaborating is addicting. It’s all about relationships: with the client, the producer and the team with whom he works.
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Episode 4

The final podcast with Andy is a continuation of “all about the shoot.” Here they talk about image process and include some shop talk. By now Andy and Daniel have discussed his work and approach to photography. The next natural question, and an excellent place for us to end this Workbook Radio recap, is about the future and what’s next for Andy. We’ve mentioned he gives us his vision through curiosity. Nothing is going to change for Andy. He will continue to take in as much as possible; with a specific eye toward shooting in Siberia or Mongolia.

Safe travels Andy. We can’t wait to see what you show us next.

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