From Getty images to the WWE, here is Noah Wilker

So often people want to know the story behind the photographer or the creative on a project, but what about the art producer?  Art production is such an interesting job, to say the least. The people I know in this position come from such rich and diverse backgrounds and rarely do they follow the same path to become one. Understanding this, I thought it would be fun to host a series of interviews with art producers that doesn’t just address how to get their attention, but instead celebrate the art producer for who they are, where they came from and what is important in their life.

Here is what Noah had to say:

What did you “want to be when you grew up?” Are you surprised where you ended up?
I wanted to be either an actor or a movie producer and somehow have always found myself in and around productions of one kind or another. I love putting projects together and collaborating with talented teams. There is still so much to learn, no matter how much experience I think I have.

What was your path to becoming an Art Producer and what was the first moment of inspiration when you knew you would work in a creative position?
I worked briefly as a researcher at FPG (now Getty Images), and from there I was approached to be the Photo Editor at World Wrestling Entertainment. That position afforded me great opportunities. I was working on all of their publications, licensed products, live events, studio shoots, location shoots, and new media – it was a great place to learn. After a few years, I felt it was important to work with other brands and new teams, and moving over to Art Production was a superb way to do that.

Growing up, what were your creative interests?
I was very into film, theater, and photography. I either performed in or worked tech on all of my school productions. And to this day I revere all the old Sergio Leone films and marvel at how every single frame stands on its own as an incredible photograph. I found so much possibility in wandering around with my camera, sometimes not even knowing what to shoot, but just documenting my life. Spending hours in a darkroom watching the images develop into a story was always exciting to me.

Do you have a personal aesthetic that comes through in the photographers work you are drawn to?
My feeling is good photographers all have their own aesthetic and style, and each client will have unique branding needs that will lead us to a certain kind of work. Personally, the more real, honest and authentic someone’s images are, the more I like it. I’m a sucker for unexpected locations.

Are your talents being needed in ways that you didn’t expect?
I did some graduate work in Counseling, and that’s come in pretty handy at times.

How have your life experiences influenced your job choice?
Tough question. Growing up I was fortunate enough to travel a lot, and I’ve formed an appreciation for seeing new places and trying new things. Being an art producer fills that need well; I experience new projects, people and places regularly.

How do you describe your job to your mother or someone not in the industry?
It begins and ends with “I work in advertising.”

Favorite way to spend a Sunday?
Playing outside with my kids. They’re a lovely and welcome reminder of what’s important.






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