Andy Anderson, Curiosity and the Devil in the Details

Devil in the details

By Missy Hunter

We’ve previously written about photographer Adam Dillon’s podcast, Devil in the Details when Heather was a guest on an episode. Recently, Adam hosted Andy Anderson asking about his career and perspective on being a photographer. We wanted to share some key nuggets that came from their pow-wow because it sheds light on who Andy is, as well as provides some great life lessons for all to consider!

Curiosity is the engine to Andy’s creativity
There is no mystery or hidden element to Andy’s creativity. He is naturally curious, interested in a multitude of things outside of photography. This curiosity of people, places, and subjects fuels and at times, organically dictates his work. Asking questions, and furthering your knowledge should be a developmental goal for all, shouldn’t it?

Do what you love
Choose projects for the right reasons. Andy sites author Howard Thurman, “Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.” Andy believes that if you have passion for a subject, you will stand out. Curiosity plays a significant role in heeding this advice!

Achieving longevity in any career takes balance
Andy is clear on this topic. “To begin with, a person needs to love what they do. To stay in that career means you need to enjoy other things too.” Work/Life balance makes all the difference, no matter what career you choose.

Listen to the full interview on Devil in the Details.

Follow Andy on Instagram to see the results of a photographer living a life committed to the outdoors, making images that reflect the truth as he sees it – rugged, mysterious, and all the time mythical.

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