#InstaCade: The imagination of Cade Martin and Smithsonian Magazine

“Exploration is the engine that drives innovation.”

Edith Widder, American Scientist

By Missy Hunter

Cade Martin is a photographer who finds beauty in the unfamiliar. He says, of his work, that he “continues to seek out surprise and delight where it is.” Having seen the depth of his photography, we can report that Cade is a historian in his own right; spontaneously chasing characters and stories – with his camera and curiosity in tow.

Smithsonian Magazine and Cade share the same passion for exploration and innovation, having collaborated on multiple projects in the past. When Smithsonian Magazine asked him to take over their Instagram channel for seven days, without blinking, Cade agreed and quickly cataloged the many adventures he could share.

From photographing the surreal water-world outside New Orleans, LA, to giving voice to Vietnam War F-105 Thunderchief pilots, Cade tells the stories curious minds want to know. Check out Cade’s seven-day takeover of Smithsonian Magazine’s Instagram channel.

Follow Cade on his Instagram to see more imagery #imaginedbyCade and photos demonstrating #characternotcharacters.

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