Dear Art Producer, Nike’s Mark Pakulski, and Creative Partnerships

I have always been a person who anticipates the future; one who thinks ahead. This podcast is one way in which those of us in the photography industry can share information and collectively move forward. In episode 23 of Dear Art Producer, I speak with Mark Pakulski, Global Brand Imaging, Sr. Art Producer at Nike, where we discuss, among other things, finding talent. Hint: Agents and reps play a significant role.

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Staying relevant is critical, and Mark shares he keeps with the times by looking for up-and-coming artists, influencers, and photographers who can provide the combination of motions and stills.

This weekly series shares conversations with Art Producers in Advertising, where together we can envision the future for this industry and take steps forward as a community. If you like the podcast, please do consider sharing it on social media and leaving a review on iTunes. We would love the help spreading the word.

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