Jason Lindsey Offers a Visual Option with Cabin Fever

As we all acclimate to our new normal, photographers, in particular, are taking stock of the work they’ve created, reviewing imagery with a new lens. An example of this is work from Jason Lindsey, where he created a series, aptly titled, Cabin Fever. Here is a bit about this project, in Jason’s words. Read on to see how you can purchase the collection of stock imagery as well.

“This series is titled Cabin Fever. I created it a few years ago when I felt locked down by winter. It has taken on new meaning today. “

“The initial idea was about my complicated feeling in March. I love winter, and I love spring, but the in-between month of March is hard – it is grey, wet, and muddy. The feeling of isolation and being stuck inside came to the forefront of my deepest emotions.”

“I decided I wanted to explore the idea of grayness and separation. I cast models with white or grey hair, had the stylist work in a monochromatic palette, and found windows to match. Tapping into my empathy and profoundly feeling the emotions of others’ isolation was my guiding force.”

“The Cabin Fever project has taken on a deeper meaning today. Many of us are certainly feeling isolated today. I am lucky to be with my wife and son in these times, but many are not so fortunate. Our friends, family, and neighbors that are separated from everyone right now are feeling even more isolated. I hope these images tap into your sense of empathy and inspire you to reach out to the people feeling the most isolated in your life. Now is a time for all of us to do our part and help others.”

We have recently added a Stock Collection section to our website of photographer’s work, like Jason’s, available for purchase for stock photography.

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