Cade Martin and The Creative Now

Personal projects offer a window into how a photographer thinks, works, and creates. Cade Martin knows the value of community and has developed since he was a child, an appreciation for the candid beauty found in people from all walks of life. He developed a community project, The Capitol Creator portrait series, pre-COVID-19. That project has morphed into The Creative Now, as an ode to the creative community in its current form. Here is what he had to say about it.

As a kid, I spent many a dinner at a table surrounded by parents’ friends, an eclectic cast of characters — sculptors, writers, painters, and creatives. That thread of creative community has remained in our offices, our teams, and our collaborations. But that thread feels thinner at this moment.

Capitol Communicator serves as a resource to the Mid-Atlantic region’s creative community. I reached out first to some of the 200-ish talented people in the region that I’ve had the good fortune to profile through the Capitol Communicator portrait series.

I asked with the purpose of sharing, supporting, and caring for this creative community in its current, uncertain reality. I inquired about what people are doing, how they are feeling, how they are sparking creativity. It feels important to share what we do when we can’t do all our doing. This is my version of a virtual dinner table of sorts. Grab a chair and come back often.

“I am…so inspired by all the creative ideas I’m seeing on the internet – not just for production work but for ways for people to connect.”

Rachel Holmes, Lead Producer and Owner of Cat Eye Productions


“Isolation is the best medicine to get the creative mind wandering. [I’m] reenergized and tickled by the endless possibilities of coloring outside the lines of client-driven confines.”

Jean-Pierre Bovie, Senior Art Director at bohan Advertising 

“…it’s keeping as much of my former routine as possible. That’s what works for me. This is a psychological battle as much as a physical one.”

Sean Flanagan, Philadelphia Eagles

 “With more breaths, I am taking the time to see more in nature and it gives me hope that things will be normal again; but a new normal, filled with gratitude and a deep appreciation for friends, family, and freedom.”

Kerry-Ann Hamilton, KAH Consulting Group

 “My life’s greatest creative moments tend to come from struggle and introspection so I’m using this time to rediscover my roots as an artist.”

Michael Dumlao – Corporate Affairs Booz Allen

“Sudden change is inspiring for me, it’s energizing, and open for opportunities. I have found myself being far more passionate about ideas and how to help.”

Matt Smith, SmithGifford

Many thanks to Suzanne Sease for profiling this project on aPhotoEditor.

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