Dear Art Producer, Alicia Hansen, and NYC Salt

Dear Art Producer episodes feature guests working as Producers or Directors on the agency or client-side of the creative industry with the most recent discussions covering new practices of producing shoots during COVID-19 and what that will mean for the future. However, a few weeks ago I was introduced to Alicia Hansen, founder and CEO of NYC Salt and what she does is so important that I wanted to introduce her to our listeners. At the time we scheduled the interview we did not know that George Floyd would be murdered or that global protests would break out, so in light of that, sharing what she does is even more important.

For those of you who do not know Alicia, she runs a non-profit which creates opportunities in visual arts and pathways to college for underserved New York City youth. NYC Salt engages youth in a rigorous blend of professional photography instruction, one-on-one mentoring, college-preparatory workshops, and career exposure.

During episode 58, we discuss how the SALT youth development program works, plus positive anecdotes and success stories. Speaking of success stories, the photo below of the protests in NYC by Malike Sidibe, was published by TIME magazine.

Listen in and you too will be inspired.

Link Here for Episode 58 – Alicia Hansen on iTunes

Photo credit: NYC Salt student, Malike Sidibe

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