What do Bob Weir, Hot Sauce, and an Updated Website have in common? Doug Menuez

The latest iteration of Doug menuez.com is live.  It’s an updated ode to his lifetime spent circling the globe for stories that remind us of our shared humanity.  And it now includes a link to his backstory talking hot sauce with Bob Weir of the Grateful Dead that we think will make you smile. 

The biggest challenge of reorganizing was, where to begin?  His portfolios a proverbial pandora’s box filled with millions of images and thoughts all united by a devotion to stories told about our shared fates — not only the complex and sensitive topics such as birth and mortality but all the ones that document the everything in-between.

While we are not professional organizers per se, over the last few months we did adopt some of their organizing rules — as in Save or Toss? Does it fit? Is it still in style? Do you get compliments on it? Does it spark joy?

Though no one sums up the streamlined site better than Devon Menuez, the talented, illustrative graphic designer who took all our words and ideas and ultimately turned them into a knowing love letter of sorts to her father-in-law:

“…a tireless source of visual inspiration whose craft spans a sea of artistic medium. He continues to build not only on a four-decades-long career archive of industry and fine art photography, but also an array of films and published books, workshops, panel discussions, traveling exhibitions, and keynote talks. Thus was the primary challenge we faced when building his new portfolio website—how to best translate a prolific body of work to the digital sphere in a sleek and organized way? So we ventured deep into the labyrinth of his oeuvre to find the bones that told the story of Doug as an artist and proponent of humanity; plus a little fun. I believe we ultimately came away with a dynamic site focused on story-telling—a celebration of difference in character, culture, and vision.” 

Devon Menuez

And when it was done, there was just something about that moment that gave us all an enormous sense of accomplishment, that spring cleaning sense of rebirth.  

Ultimately at the heart of all this is Doug Meneuz, a storyteller whose inherited, driving belief is to continue to show up and to document the realities of our human condition. 

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