Dear Art Producer, Mark Seliger, and Getting Back to Ideas

It’s not every day that Dear Art Producer hosts a photographer on the show. We were in for a special treat in hosting Mark Seliger, a New York-based photographer and director who created recognizable and iconic images for Rolling Stone and Vanity Fair. Having photographed A-list actors, musicians, and politicians, Mark shares his journey from how he began his career, falling in love with photography through its process, especially the darkroom, of creating images through ideas and concepts. 

Our discussion delves into the changing industry, the role of access in photography success, tapping into the creative potential of a project, finding the ultimate empowerment of an artist, becoming your own brand, and how clients are looking for creative partners differently than before. 

Mark has a positive perspective to share of the pandemic, imparting how the empty streets of New York gave him inspiration to document the reality of a city at rest, taking a collective breath. We share the point of view that the pandemic has forced us to re-examine our purpose, in Mark’s words, “giving us an invitation to explore new ideas.” We all have a new set of glasses, as a result of the pandemic, forcing us to see things differently — and that’s a good thing.

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Tune in to episode 66 for an inspiring conversation on how Mark approaches understanding the clients’ needs and what it means to create different content, regardless of the medium. Check out his Instagram as well!

This weekly series shares conversations with Art Producers in Advertising, where together we can envision the future for this industry and take steps forward as a community. 

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  1. Finally got to listen to this. Very insightful conversation, especially to hear his take on this year’s lockdown period. Thank you for sharing!

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