A Strong Database Could Be The Key to Your Evolution

Direct marketing has come a long way and we can all agree that creating a database plays a major part in this growth. As we rely on digital communications more and more, this evolution will only continue. So, if you do not have a strong database, you will be left behind.

The cornerstone of my business has always been a well curated and updated database. Without one I could not do my job. So, when Agency Access approached me to ask about my thoughts on the subject, I was happy to share.

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Here are my key takeaways, tips, and tricks for having a strong database in the spirit of moving us all forward.

Focus on Quality Over Quantity
Having a complete, relevant, and accurate database is much more critical than the volume of contacts.

Update Frequently
You should always be updating contacts within your database and removing any contacts who are no longer relevant to you.

Build Your Database From Diverse Contact Sources
Subscription services such as Agency Access provide more access to more contacts. But, don’t stop there. LinkedIn, awards shows, and industry magazines are also valuable resources to find new connections. 

Define Your Brand Before Creating A Target Contact List
Knowing your own brand is crucial when reaching out to brands and agencies. If you don’t know who you are and what you stand for, how can you advertise it to someone else?

Keep it Relevant
Keep track of who is opening your emails and marketing to send to contacts with whom your work will resonate. 

Add Value With Your Messaging
Messaging is critical when sending out email marketing. Why are you sharing this work? Why is it relevant to the contact? The more solution-oriented or value-focused an email, the more effective they are. 

Use Keywords in Your Database
Don’t limit your database as a means to send email marketing. You can also use it to organize contacts. Make sure you have keywords you attribute to each contact so you can easily filter and search for relevant information. 

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  1. The full interview is really good! I love what you have to say about being aware of self branding and connecting to brands that you align with. I hadn’t thought of this being different from what types of imagery I shoot. Thank you!

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