Kremer Johnson Joins the Family Bringing Multi-dimensional Artistry

The beauty of photography is that we get to view the world through another person’s eyes. When we’re talking about a photography duo, the finished product results from a blending of two perspectives and then some. We’re thrilled to welcome Kremer Johnson (Neil Kremer and Cory Johnson) to the roster and can’t wait to learn about each of them individually and their work as a partnership. Until then, here’s some comical KJ fodder to tide you over.

How did you two meet? 

Neil: I saw Cory in a burning building and pulled him out. No, not really. We both ran in the same social circles, and over many drinks, we noticed that we shared an obsession for imagery. 

Cory: We were seated at opposite ends of a bar. We locked eyes & Neil shyly glanced away. He blushed, my heart palpitated. It was then that I knew I needed to start a business with him so our finances could commingle. Seriously, though…I think we did actually meet at a bar. We had a friend in common.

When did you figure out you would form a great partnership? 

Cory: The first time we had a fairly heated argument about some aspect of an image we were making. Neither of us took it personally nor were we phased by it. Two minutes later it was like it never happened.

Neil: Standing on a 30′ crane over the sunset strip, while shooting our first paid job. Circa 2013

What is your favorite thing to do on a Saturday? 

Neil: I love to cook on Saturdays. I try a new dish every weekend. This week, it’s going to be a Sichuan favorite called; Dan Dan Noodles.

Cory: There’s a day called Saturday? I thought they got rid of that last year…

Which of you is the funniest? 

Cory: Neil’s mom.

Neil: Well, Cory is the funniest looking. 

Favorite quarantine meal?

Neil: Without a doubt. My go-to meal for 2020 was red Swiss chard and garbanzo beans in a garlic/ginger sauce. I start it on the stove and finish in the broiler. 

Cory: Well, it’s not a meal, but I went on a homemade ice cream bender a couple of times during all this. My favorite so far has been chocolate fudge peanut butter, made with a cream cheese base.

Why did you choose to base your business out of Redondo Beach? 

Neil: It’s the closest to the beach that I can afford and still have a dog.

Cory: I live in Hermosa Beach & Neil lives in Redondo.  I didn’t feel like getting a bunch of mail for the biz sent to my house & I know how Neil loves to get envelopes from the IRS, State of California, etc.  So, Redondo Beach won.

What was the conversation like in choosing whether you called yourselves Kremer Johnson or Johnson Kremer?

Neil: It was Cory’s idea to name us Kremer Johnson. Johnson Kremer doesn’t really roll off the tongue.

Cory: Ha – I think I said something like, “Hey, what if we call the company Kremer Johnson? It sounds like some cool German guy.”

What are you both known for?

Cory: Conceptual/Humor & environmental portraiture

Neil: Taking pictures. 

First place you will travel to when you get the vaccine? 

Neil: Rochester N.Y. to see my mom.

Cory: Back to Iowa. I have a lot of friends & family who still haven’t gotten to meet my kid. Plus, there are fireflies there & I’d love for my kid to see them.

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