For Jennifer Davick Food Is Its Own Language

Because What People Eat and Their Experiences With Food Are Stories Worth Telling

Over the last couple of years, we’ve enjoyed bringing you all sorts of new insights into who we represent and why. And we’ve loved hearing from so many along the way that these deep dives have been as helpful to you in learning more about our artists as they have been to us.

So when we first started talking with Jennifer Davick about her path to food photography and directing, we found ourselves captivated by her journey — a life of global travel rich in culinary adventures that straddled continents, cultures, and languages. For her, food is inseparable from the people and landscape that produce it. Seeing the world through her eyes, I could feel how each meal and each relationship has left its distinct mark on her work.

“A flavor or aroma can wind its way into my memories – and even my dreams – so that a place and the people connected to it linger in my mind long after I’ve left it.”

Jennifer Davick

Today I invite you into her world, told through her Vision Through Translation. We hope you find it as inspiring and captivating as we do!

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