Kaleidoscopes of Smoothies- Leigh Beisch, In Her Own Words

Leigh Beisch recently shot some really wonderful images for McDonald’s new smoothie launch.  Here is what she had to say about the project:

“It is a wonderful thing when you have the kind of chemistry with an agency and client that allows the kind of trust and respect that only grows  stronger over the years.  I am so thankful for the opportunities and projects that McDonald’s and their agency have shared with me.  They consistently want to focus on appetite appeal with freshness.  Quality is always key.

This latest shoot had all of those elements of course.  This time there was a sense of whimsy and playfulness to the imagery as well which added a whole other layer to the shoot.   For their current smoothies campaign, the creative director had the idea of creating carefree kaleidoscopes of fruit surrounding the smoothie.  I loved it!

It was important that we shoot overhead to really get the kaleidoscope shape to read.  So, being the perfectionist that I am , my first thought was that we weren’t going to get enough of a “taste” of the smoothie
from that angle.  Well, it turns out the McDonalds’ smoothie consistency, texture and  color is so luscious that it held some beautiful shapes for me to light.  It was perfect.

Those of you who know me, know that I am not happy unless I hear someone say “mmmmm, that looks delicious!” when they see a photograph of food that I have taken. ”  I was not disappointed.

In his own words: Andy Anderson photographs flowers, yes flowers for Valspar and EuroRSCG

When I asked Andy about his trip to Carlsbad to shoot a print ad for Valspar, he let me know this story…. “The location was very beautiful.  I  had never seen so many flowers of different colors in one place. I was really amazed.  Of course, right when I was in the middle of the shoot, one of my buddies called to catch up.  I was so impressed by the colors and the variety of flowers, I of course couldn’t stop talking about it.  When he realized I was shooting flowers,  his only reply was, “it figures!”   To know me is to know how hilarious that is.  Thanks Euro Chicago for the opportunity to shoot with you all, even though my manhood was deflated a little!


1000 Different Ways to Make Your Jaw Drop

Jim Smithson recently shot an ad for Valspar. In his own words…..”Euro RSCG Chicago wanted to capture a landscape of a town center with a european flavor for their client Valspar. Because it was still winter we focused our search in mediterranean countries, and ended up finding the ultimate location in San Gimignano, in the region of Tuscany. The agency felt confident to let me shoot the project without them being there, which we have done successfully in past projects. Julia Cunningham (art buyer) was very instrumental throughout the project, doing most of the heavy lifting back in Chicago. As the production kicked off the ubiquity of the Mafioso business model was not lost on us, making it a wild adventure on many levels. ” Jim Smithson


Ann Cutting in the Running: Ann has been on a recent editorial run. Covering hot topics from healthcare to the economy, see if you can keep up? Publication/Creative Director as follows: Fortune Magazine/ Amy Wolff, Good Housekeeping/Jean E Lee, Kiplinger Cover/Wendy Tiefenbacher, Prevention/Donna Agajanian, SmartMoney/ Jane Clark and Time MagazineCover/Chrissy Dunleavy.

Devon Jarvis continues to shoot Self magazine accessories page with CD Cynthia Searight & AD Petra Kobayashi.

Kevin Twomey Evolving:

Kevin Twomey’s relationship with the California Academy of Sciences started in 2008 with imagery he shot for a promotional piece announcing their newly renovated museum. Creative Director, Rhonda Rubinstein, saw Kevin’s butterfly compositions and thought he would be a good match for an upcoming project. She liked the clean, crisp, textural style that is signature of Kevin’s imagery.

Months later Kevin reached out to Rhonda with an inquiry to gain access to some of the unique specimens in museum’s permanent collection. A trade agreement was arranged. In exchange for access to their rare specimens, the Academy could use the images for a book they were producing for the celebration of the 150th anniversary of Darwin’s Origin of Species.

Kevin’s initial interest was in shooting their butterfly collection for a personal project. Yet, once he gained the ALL ACCESS pass, curiosity quickly led way to chamelions, frogs and tortoises to name a few. Kevin converted a tiny office into a studio and a week later produced the images seen here.

Kevin shares,” One of the more interesting searches through the collection was picking out a fine Galapagos tortoise specimen to shoot, looking for that perfectly preserved tortoise with just the right pose. We walked into a room about 20′ x 20′, that had shelves filled with these giant tortoises, many of them preserved for about 100 years.”

Check in soon for an upcoming project where Kevin collaborates with Hillary Duff.