Oil & Fire. The Strange Magic of Andy Anderson

The most recent issue of ASPP’s The Picture Professional magazine featured Andy Anderson’s  Oli Riggers images as well as never before seen image of the forest fire in Elk Creek, Idaho this summer.  Andy is incredible passionate about both of these series for different reasons, so to see them featured together makes them even more powerful.  A special thanks to Ophelia Chong at The Picture Professional for her work bringing this issue to life.

The author of the article, April Wolfe, wrote this about Andy;   “We think photography can do something magical. We think that Andy Anderson has that rare combination of a photographer who can make anything extremely real and extremely magic, whether it’s a truck or a scorched landscape, and we’re grateful he’s here to make us think. ”

Click on the cover image below to see the photographs and read the article.

Screen Shot 2013-11-04 at 3.01.51 PM

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