Thank You Jamie.

photoI remember when I was a younger, my aunt gave me some very pretty stationary for my birthday.  When I opened it, I was very excited and told her how much I loved it and that I would add it to my collection.  She replied to me, “Oh, so that’s what you do with it.  You surely don’t use it.”  From that day forward, I swear I made sure to write a thank you note for every present I ever received.  And, to that add a note for every special occasion or event that meant something.

Given that this is Thanksgiving week, I thought it would be nice to publicly reach out to someone who is very special.  In our office that list is very long.  But, at the top is Jamie Appelbaum.

Jamie is an art producer at McGarry Bowen in NYC.  I have known her for years (not sharing for fear of appearing very old!). In fact, she is one of the very first art buyers I presented to on my first trip to LA and I remember thinking she was one of the nicest people ever. We talked about her kids (whom are grown and in college now) and car photography (which I knew nothing about but pretended to of course!).  We kept in touch over the years, attended events together and helped each other out from time to time on jobs.

Fast forward many years (again, not sharing) and she and I now work closely together with Richard Schultz on a few very special accounts.  Her dedication, professionalism and of course friendship make our relationship very easy and very fun.

Here is my thank you note to her.

Dear Jamie.

You are an amazing woman.  I have known you for many years now and feel fortunate to call you a colleague and more importantly a friend.  A very good friend.  You are always 100% supportive of the process and have a deep understanding of your client that makes our job so much easier.  Your willingness to listen and partner with us to create something incredible never waivers.  It is no wonder the creatives, the agency and the client all want you on their team.

Most importantly, I am honored to call you my friend.  You always make a point to ask about my family and your healing thoughts for Dylan this past month were very much appreciated.  Your friendship comes from your heart Jamie and anyone who knows you experiences something very genuine and very special when they have you in their life.

You have touched so many people in so many different ways.  I am very thankful to be one of those people.



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