Professional Photographer Webcast Live: Working With Agents

If you missed it yesterday while it was airing live, I was a guest on APhotoEditor’s Professional Photographer Webcast titled Working with Agents.

Here are some of the highlights:

•  What not to do when you reach out to an agent looking for representation.

•  What exactly does an agent do to earn their commission?

•  What are some ways an agent handles house accounts and editorial accounts?

•  What options are out there for photographers that do not have an agent and how can I make those work for me?

•  What does it mean for a photographer to find their own voice and how come they still have to market themselves once they have a rep?

•  A little off track but, why aren’t photographers getting the advance they used to and what can we do about it?

•  Why should you have a contract and how are some ways that severance could work?

•  What are some reasons that Photographers and Agents part ways?


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