At Edge Continues to be a True Marketing Partner

This is the time of year in our group that we review what worked and what didn’t from a marketing perspective.  The conversations with each photographer varies based on what the goals for the year were and what they were actually able to check off of their wish list.  The idea is to evaluate each tool we used and make sure it is was effective.  We never want to get into a cycle of doing the same thing over and over again. And we always want to make sure we are spending our budget wisely.

It is no wonder that the tools that cost the most get the most amount of scrutiny; as they should.  The most expensive tools do not always have the biggest rewards so it is important to confirm year after year if the money was well spent.

One of the most expensive tools in some in our group’s toolbox is At Edge. And, every year, we ask ourselves, “Is it worth it?”


I wrote a post awhile back about why I thought At Edge was a true marketing partner.  Everything I wrote then, stood the test of time and still is true today.

Here are the top 5 things that I love about At Edge.

•  The Community:  When you advertise in At Edge, post an image or new work to their site or attend an event they are hosting, you are part of a creative community that values photography and believes it has a very special place in our industry.  

•  The Work:  At Edge curates incredible talent and then guides them to choose imagery that is the strongest representation of their photography brand,

•  The Invitation:  You need to be invited to participate, which is a powerful part of the program’s success.  The team at At Edge has an eye for what is new, fresh and relevant to their market.  They aren’t afraid to have the hard conversations and have high expectations for their participants.

•  The Program:   At Edge is not just about one spread in a source book; it is marketing program.  There are 5 issues that come out every 90 days.  There is a website which they promote.  And, most importantly, they host the Face to Face events, where creatives and photographers can meet, review work and get to know each other.

 The Team:  Glen Serbin, Elizabeth Owen and Susan Baraz are top notch.  They share a vision for At Edge that is very focused.  They have their finger on the pulse of the industry and understand the value of strong creative connections.  Most importantly, they value and respect the creative process and their advertisers and readers recognize and respect them because of it.

If you still need more convincing, be sure to watch the video they recently published about The At Edge Story.  It is fun to see different creatives, photographers and art producers speak up about what they think makes the program so special.  And, be sure to look for Chris Crisman, he makes an appearance as well.


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