It Is All in the Family. Andy Anderson Interviews His Photographer Son Zach Anderson

I remember one of the first times I met Zach Anderson, Andy Anderson’s son. Andy had brought him and his other son Gabe to San Francisco to see a SF Giants game.  Like any young kids, they were both a little shy, but I managed to get to know them both some. As the years passed, Andy continued to bring Zach on shoots with him and when they came to San Francisco I usually got to see Zach too.  Over time, Zach grew into an amazing young man, so full of life and excitement for what comes next.  I was able to watch as his interest in photography grew into a passion and his commitment to the craft deepened.

Zach definitely has the Anderson photography blood.  But, it is his own vision, his own passion and his own talent.  Andy did an amazing job providing guidance,  access and opportunity for Zach and Zach did the rest.  The result is a talented young photographer that understands the business like not many others his age.  I am excited to see where Zach goes next.  I am sure the road is long and full of opportunity for him.

Andy is of course a proud papa and has worked with Zach recently on this insightful interview to share with the community what makes Zach the photographer that he is.  Click here to read how Zach answers his dad’s questions.

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  1. I remember a remarkable young girl from East G!!! 🙂 look at her now!
    Jean and I will be in Napa Valley September 10-16, if you are around lets catch up!

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