Attention Art Producers: Looking for Some Ways to Increase Attendance at Portfolio Shows?

Well, Labor Day has come and gone which means it is time to push forward to the end of the year. We have been in conversations with our photographers this August about how to maximize the last few months in the year.  That means trips are being planned, events scheduled, mailers being created and sent, blog posts being written – all in the hopes of ending the year on a high note.

One big part of this 4th quarter planning is scheduling trips and portfolio shows.  And, over the last few years, for many reason that I plan to explore in a separate blog post, attendance at portfolio shows are declining.  And, as much as is it a frustration for agents, it is indeed for art producers as well.  The result is that less agencies are hosting shows now, and for good reasons.

So, knowing that many agents are in the same position as we are this fall, I thought it might be a good time to re-share a post about how Leo Burnett has come up with a unique approach to portfolios shows where attendance is always high.  If you are an art producer that wants to re-invigorate the portfolio show, you may want to consider some of these tips.  You never know!

Link here to review a unique approach to portfolio shows.

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