Dissecting the Terms and Conditions Document – All In One Place

Over the last few weeks, with the help of Linda Joy Kattwinkel of the firm Owen, Wickersham & Erickson, PC , we dissected the Terms and Conditons document.  Our goal was to review each item, translate into photographer language what it was really saying, and offer insight into options available if the terms were not in line with what the photographer had in mind.  Because the document is so long and dense, the result was three different posts.

Since they posts were published, many people have let us know how helpful they thought they were.  And, just as many let us know that they reference the posts whenever they receive a PO.  So, rather than have to toggle between three different posts, here they all are in one post.

Terms #1-5
Terms #6-9
Terms #10-14


Thank you Andy Anderson for the use of your image.

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