Hustle. Yes, That Is the Perfect Word For What We All Need to Be Doing.

In early March, A Photo Editor published a great post written by guest writer and fellow rep Cybele Sandy.  Just off the heels of a trip to NY where I met with 12 agencies and 32 art producers in 3 days, I thought it very relevant to share what she has to say.

If a photographer is not shooting new work, I have always said that the single most important thing he or she should do to increase awareness is to get out there and meet people.  And, in such a competitive market where photography is no longer the only solution, doing so is more important than ever.

Cybele outlines so much of what we all need to be thinking about.  And, I love that she uses the word hustle.  It totally described my week last week and I am definitely going to keep using it!  Thank you Cybele for putting a name to what so many of us do all the time already and for reminding so many who need it!

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