10 Things You Need to Know About Amy Yvonne Yu for Freelance Friday.

In an effort to promote the website FreelanceArtProducer.com, we have started Freelance Friday.  The purpose is to promoting the freelancers on the site so as to gain more attention for them and the others trying to get hired.  So, from now on, when a freelancer on the site provides us with a blog post, we will promote it on a Friday. 

Today, we are featuring Amy Yvonne Yu,  an international art producer based in San Francisco.

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10 Things You Don’t know About Amy Yvonne Yu

1.  I don’t consider myself particularly funny; I consider myself extremely descriptive. Apparently my descriptiveness combined with my dry Britishness mixed with my delivery makes for hilarity.

2.  I have learned to swim and ride a bike and I cannot do either currently. I am a living contradiction. I am trying to relearn how to swim. I have no interest in riding a bike as I would be a hazard to myself and the road.

3.  I used to think I got really good at judo really quickly because my older brother Ted would insist on being my sparring partner all the time. Ted was vicious and showed no mercy, especially to me. I realized only last year that it was also because we had members of the USA Olympic team, its coaches, and a member of the Australia Olympic team in our dojo. The naked man in Berkeley was also in our dojo. He would roam around Berkeley nude and then come to the dojo and get dressed to spar.

4.  I am a classically trained violinist and I played in an orchestra for 7 years. However, people usually only ever ask me about my electronica career.

5.  Ghostface Killah of the Wu-Tang Clan calls me Yu-Tang, and I call him Grumpy Cat. Grumpy Cat has not called either of us. Yet.


6.  I met The Selby at The Mercer Kitchen in Soho. We bonded over the Russian Cat Circus. I pulled up this video of the cat circus the next day at a casting for male fashion models. I was in tears of laughter and the models were perplexed. I tried to reassure them that it was the cats and not them making me cry.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LLEA1BgJ6YQ

7.  I asked Alice Waters if I can ask Tom Waits to cover a-Ha’s Take On Me at the Chez Panisse 40. She then told me that he was not there that night. The joke was on me. I had forgotten about this until The Selby sent me a picture of this the next day.

8.  I still shoot with a Nikon F2A. It’s like lugging around a Mercedes on your shoulders. Every time I do a trip I debate if I should take it with me or not due to its weight. But I usually end up taking it with me and shooting slide film.


9.  I love movies so much that I average one per day.

10.  I am actually an introvert; I hide it extremely well. Everyone tends to think I am an extrovert. I am actually very shy. I had to overcome my shyness in order to perform music at a young age.

To learn more about Amy, please link to her profile at FreealanceArtProducer.com.   

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