We All Love a Good Wrap Party

Thank you David Martinez for reminding us why we all love a good wrap party!

“I looked around the table at a recent wrap dinner in LA and OUCH felt a little bittersweet pang. I was so happy everyone involved was happy – it was a really successful shoot – we made some nice pictures + video and had been in the good graces of the weather gods for weeks (even intercontinentally!)! That pang, however, was that the project was ending – that the production calls would start to slow and we’d soon be on planes back to our respective home bases.

I had spent the past 3 months working nearly almost every day with the team – the art producer we spoke to almost daily, the creative directors we exchanged inspiration with, the account directors and our clients. For a two part production that involved both shooting stills and motion in over 20 locations in London and in LA – there were a lot of details to work out. We’d collaborated for months, solved a lot of problems and ended up getting to know each other pretty well in the process.

In the adventures of advertising, the wrap dinner is one of my favorite landmarks. It’s a time to celebrate collaboration – which is to me – one of the best parts of what I do. Over the course of the past 3 months, we had talked a lot about advertising stuff – location scouting, banner ads, cinemagraphs, color grading, etc. – but we’d also talked about the perfect road trip snack,  binge watching the terrible/hilarious/genius Naked and Afraid and why Sean Connery will always be the best James Bond. What I love about advertising is that it’s not just estimates + demographics + metrics – but that it’s a lot about hanging out with cool, creative, curious people with big, vast interests. ”

The campaign won’t be released until this summer – but below are some of our stops along the way.



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