WORKBOOK’s “Crafts and Creatives” with Rajat Gupta

WORKBOOK launched a new interview series called Crafts and Creatives with the premiere episode dropping in early November. Our friend, WORKBOOK’s Heidi Goverman made drinks and talked shop with Art Director Rajat Gupta.

Two takeaways we found noteworthy:

Effective use of social media continues to differ by channel and by individual

  • Across the board, Twitter is the go-to source for news and industry information
  • Instagram and the visual nature of the platform is expeditious; and where talent can be unearthed
  • People are open to being approached, and “cold-called” on LinkedIn as that is its reason for being
  • Facebook is sometimes too private to use for business purposes, but it depends on the individual

A photographer’s work can speak volumes, but that’s only a portion of the reason for hiring someone.

This is a statement that we wholeheartedly agree with and put into practice when showcasing the photographers we work with. People can easily find a person’s work and review it without ever having met the artist. Finding out their story, how they work, and their connection to the job is much more enlightening.

Check out the full interview on WORKBOOK’s YouTube channel

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