Our favorites of 2018

As we look to 2019, we can’t help but reflect on the posts that you, our readers, loved most from 2018. Each photographer has a unique vision for their work, derived from upbringing, education, and life experiences and during the past year, we’ve shared much of that vision while sharing their work. It has added more depth and understanding to the finished images. Following are some content themes that rose to the top.

There is always enough time for personal projects

  • Some time ago, Doug Menuez talked about a career in photography. Among other things, he wrote about getting paid to shoot what you want. Many still agree with the statements¬†on chaos, fear, survival, and luck.
  • As an example, David Martinez told us personal projects fuel him despite their open-ended timeline.

This year, we saw more photographers put similar theories into practice.


Photographer: Doug Menuez


Photographer: David Martinez

beach volleyball

Photographer: Tim Tadder

Photographer confessions add clarity to their work


Photographer: Hunter Freeman

Inspiration comes from a variety of places.


Photographer: Mark Laita


Photographer: Andy Anderson

Art producers/buyers complete the circle.
We work with art producers/buyers on a daily basis. They, in part, help to bridge the gap between photographer and agency. If you are a loyal reader, you’ll know we like to support Art Producers and Buyers. On occasion, we profile select freelancers and direct our followers to Freelanceartproducers.com. We will continue this practice in support of our industry to the best of our abilities.

I want to close with a thank you to every person who took the time to comment about the post written in honor of my dad. His passing was an emotional goodbye. Thanks for the texts, calls, and emails; I felt the love.

Happy 2019!

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