Announcing “Dear Art Producer” from Heather Elder

I am excited to announce the launch of my new podcast titled “Dear Art Producer.” This weekly series will share conversations with Art Producers in Advertising.


A Long-held Idea Come to Fruition

Many years ago, I wrote a blog post called Dear Art Buyer: An Open Letter from A Photographer’s Rep. The goal was to start a conversation with the people we work with the most to improve the experience of working together.  At the time, I was inspired by the many discussions that I had had with art producers (then buyers) and other agents. Realizing that we are all translators of sorts of each other’s language and that to get the most out of our relationships, we should talk about what works and what doesn’t and have conversations that would make our relationships even stronger.  This post was my way of telling my Art Producer colleagues that I hear you, try to anticipate your needs, and respect your time.

As an agent, I am always looking toward change, rather than shy away from it.  So, in an industry that is ever-changing, I find that in order to stay relevant I need to be transformative. I aspire to lead by example, to foster community, seek to understand one another and look to move the photography and video industry and the individuals within it, ahead.

With that in mind, the Dear Art Producer Podcast aims to continue the conversation I started years ago with the blog post, Dear Art Buyer. We are launching with four episodes and already have 15 more lined up.  The producers I have interviewed contribute valuable insights into how we can all stay relevant and ultimately; be transformative.

Link here to download and subscribe to the podcasts.E

Episode 1 – Treviana DelMastro, JWT NY

My first episode of Dear Art Producer introduces Treviana DelMastro who has been a producer for four years at JWT in New York and comes from a family of producers. Listen in, and you’ll hear how Trevi walks us through the winding path she navigated to becoming a producer, from television casting to fashion PR, to art production. Plus, you won’t want to miss Trevi’s response to the question about budgets.

Episode 2 – Dana Kandić , Deutsch, NY

The conversation continues in the second episode of Dear Art Producer where I speak with Dana Kandić from Deutsch New York. We explore topics ranging from photographers websites, the bidding process, to handling rejection phone calls. I also ask Dana if there are tiebreakers when everyone at the table is equally good – take notes!!

Episodes 3+4 – Heather Church, Arnold Worldwide NYC

Episodes three and four are a two-part conversation with Heather Church, of Arnold Worldwide (New York). We cover Heather’s background and learn about her path to art production. I ask Heather to share an anecdote on the importance of creative call chemistry and whether she asks specific “chemistry gauging” questions on those calls. Then the tables are turned: Heather, the art producer, asks me, the rep a question! The conversation wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t address photography vs. motion. Heather and I delve into how photographers can best showcase their experience, about how the bidding process changes, and more.

Moving Forward

Our industry is evolving. It is up to us whether we want to sit back and watch it happen or question the status quo and take an active role in affecting change. I choose the latter, and I hope you will too. Together we can envision the future for this industry and take steps forward as a community.

And, if you like the podcast, please do consider sharing it on social media and leaving a review on iTunes.  We would love the help spreading the word. You can use this link.

And, if you are interested in being on the podcast, please email me at – we are still recording episodes.

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