Dear Art Producer, Lisa Oropallo and a Conversation on Showing Up

In episode 7 of theDear Art Producer podcast, I speak with freelance Art Producer Lisa Oropallo who at the time of this interview was at Digitas, NY. I have always been open to sharing information, and seek to build a community of women in the advertising industry. On a deeper level, in my considerable time in the business, I have met and come to know some fascinating, wise and dear friends – Lisa is one of them.

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In her 18 years at Digitas, Lisa can speak to the changing times and how technology advances have reshaped the way work is done in the industry. During our conversation, I ask her opinion on photographer’s websites, her preferred bidding process, and advice for future Art Producers. Our banter is a give-and-take where not only do I ask questions, but she poses some of her own; how much time does it take for a photographer to prepare a bid for a project?

In our time together, we spent quite a bit of time sharing what it means to come prepared for a meeting or call. Art Producers and Photographers alike should do their homework, respect the other person’s time, and honor yourself too. In a nutshell, show up.

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