The Devil in the Details from a photographer’s perspective

As you may know, I host the weekly podcast, Dear Art Producer; sharing conversations with Art Producers in advertising. Our discussions are a great way for listeners to hear about what Art Producers think about when considering and working with photographers.

On occasion, I sit on the other side of the desk and appear on someone else’s podcast. I was recently the guest of Devil in the Details, hosted by photographer Adam Dillon where he asked me questions about what a rep does.

Listen to the episode where we cover, among other things:

  • Photographer expectations when hiring a rep
  • The importance of a strong reputation
  • Photographer/rep timing
  • The changing industry
  • Career longevity
  • Why I started Notes from the Reps Journal and Dear Art Producer
  • Photographer misconceptions about having a rep
  • A rep’s inventory
  • Why new, relevant, work is so important

Thank you for hosting me Adam!

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