Welcome, Assistant Artist’s Rep, Lindsey Monroe, to Heather Elder Represents

Chicago has a unique past, steeped in architectural history, previous host to the World’s Fair, and home of the infamous fire supposedly started by a cow. Today, as the city begins to thaw out, people are dreaming of sampling some brahts at The Taste, drinking pop in the sunshine, or riding The L to Wrigley Field. We’ve got some ways to go before those Spring/Summer days are upon us. Never fear, here’s news that will give Chicagoans a reason to smile. We welcome Assistant Artist’s Rep, Lindsey Monroe, to Heather Elder Represents. Here is a bit about Lindsey. Keep your eye out for her in The Windy City!

In Dear Art Producer interview style, tell us about your journey to Heather Elder Represents? What twists and turns can you share?
I left a small town in rural Wisconsin to study fine art at Columbia, here in Chicago. It was through my time at Columbia that I not only developed a fascination for photography, but I also learned about many of the different opportunities in the world of photography that wasn’t just the person behind the lens. While a student at Columbia, I interned at Lisa Button Creative Agency and eventually took a position as an Assistant Art Rep.

It was a lifelong dream of mine to “try” New York and it was there that I started a career at The Nielsen Company in a Marketing & Communications role for the North American Media Division. I ended up staying at the company and carrying my job from NY to LA to Chicago over the course of six years.

I gained so much professional experience from those years at Nielsen, but I decided to leave that corporate position to pursue photography, opening up my own portrait studio in Oak Park, IL. While it’s been a fascinating adventure operating my own business and meeting so many amazing families, I found myself thinking often about my experience as an Art Rep and feeling as if I left something on the table that I could’ve been really good at.

Those experiences have led me back here! I am beyond excited about working with Heather, representing the incredible caliber of talent on the roster, and building collaborations with the Chicago creative community. 

What is something surprising about you that our friends in Chicago might enjoy learning?
How about a fun personal story? I met my Canadian husband on a cruise in the Caribbean. We were both traveling with our families, met on the second night of the cruise, which just so happened to be New Years Eve. We spent our entire trip glued to each other, both returned home, living on opposite coasts of the US. Now, twelve years later we’re married, living in Chicago with two kids, a dog, cat and some polaroid pictures from our cruise adventure! 

Sum up your Chicago-love in one sentence.
Spring at Montrose dog beach, summer on the bike path, fall at the Morton Arboretum and in the winter – pizza and craft beer!

What floats your boat outside of work?
At this phase in my life, it’s spending time with my family. We love road trips, camping, movie nights in our basement, visiting skateboard parks, and scoping out new donut shops in the Chicago area!

When I’m able to sneak away alone, I love running and doing yoga. I’ve participated in over 20 half marathons, two full marathons, and a triathlon in the last ten or so years. 

Being a photographer yourself, what does the art of photography mean to you?
Having shot family portraits for the last several years, for me, it’s been about capturing fleeting moments – producing work that documents the essence of an age, a specific time in your life, and the connection between family. For me, it’s about creating art that will last for generations. 

What is one thing you still carry from childhood?
Work hard to play hard. My parents were both very hardworking. Growing up, my dad worked nights in the steel forging industry and my mom was a nurse. They instilled a very hard work ethic in my family but always made time for family & fun. I continue to live my life by that philosophy!

Reach out to Lindsey at lindsey@heatherelder.com

Many thanks to Chicago-based photographer, Brett Nadal, for the cover image!

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