Yours in Social Distancing, Hand Sanitizer, and Netflix

During a time that never seemed possible; our artists are here to help you figure out what is visually possible now.

Dear Friends, Clients, and Colleagues

Last week was a bit of a blur as we all tried to navigate our current situation that changed every day and continues to do so. Everyone here at Heather Elder Represents hopes you are all healthy and safe with your family and have what you need to get you and your loved ones through.  

As for work, doing so remotely is not new for any of us. But the circumstances are, so I also hope you can find comfort in the fact that we surround ourselves with resourceful and creative professionals who already know how to get things done under pressure. 

And, while you are trying to make the best of it, let’s use this time to talk about what is visually possible.

What do you need creatively now to be ready when we come back?

When can we talk about what you want to create in the future? 

For those of you who want to know what is visually possible now, please know that we take the safety of our crew, our clients, and ourselves seriously so each request will be viewed through that lens. Our artists spent last week talking with their crews and production partners to come up with options for our clients’ current and future productions. These included safety protocols, which is our priority, live streaming workflows, casting alternatives, and catering options. 

Since the guidelines, access to production resources and travel restrictions are changing daily, we thought it would be helpful for you to have a list of our artists and the cities closest to them. When safe, they are all open to shooting locally and live streaming.

Andy Anderson – LA, SF, Idaho
Brett Nadal – Chicago, Indianapolis, St. Louis
Cade Martin – DC and NYC
David Martinez – SF, LA
Doug Menuez – NYC
Hunter Freeman -SF, LA
Jason Lindsey -Chicago, Indianapolis, St. Louis (Jason has a self-contained studio camper van and can drive anywhere.)
Jennifer Davick – SF, LA
Lupine Hammack – SF, LA
Mark Laita -LA
Tim Tadder – LA, SF, San Diego

Also, please note that at this time, everyone has access to studio space, but these photographers have their own.

Lupine Hammack in SF
Jennifer Davick in SF
Cade Martin in DC
Tim Tadder in San Diego

Many thanks to Cade Martin for the header image that so perfectly communicates how we are all feeling at this time.

Yours in social distancing, hand sanitizer, and Netflix,
Heather Elder

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