A Cornucopia of COVID-19 Tools and Growing

At the onset of the COVID-19 induced shelter-in-place, there was a need to figure out how to navigate our new work world. Our community quickly came together, and continues to do so, in several different forums to discuss current needs and to share solutions. What follows is a collection of posts, webinars, and podcasts – content and conversations addressing working in this COVID-19 world. And be sure to check back as we will continue to add to this list.

Tools and Aids from Heather Elder Represents
Within days, Heather Elder Represents posted a message to the community titled, Yours in Social Distancing, Hand Sanitizer, and Netflix. Meant to provide solutions to some of the visual challenges our clients were seeing, we provided specific information on what is possible visually, now.

As we were experiencing sheltering in place, and as productions were coming to a halt, brands and agencies still needed visual content. We recognized this almost immediately. Heather Elder Represents launched a stock collection site, announcing Our Libraries are Your Libraries, comprised of our photographer’s personal projects; still and motion imagery, available for license.

Artists are paving the way forward
The artists on Heather Elder Represents’ roster have been hard at work during the shelter-in-place, ensuring how best to move forward in this evolving creative climate. We’ve written about Lupine Hammack’s evolved capabilities, plus Tim Tadder‘s and Doug Menuez‘s safety protocols in action. Cade Martin created a new way to take portraits virtually, and Jason Lindsey demonstrated lean production. We continue to see more progress daily and can’t wait to see what’s next.

Workbook Radio and Dear Art Producer teamed up and present Where We Are Now

The Workbook’s Heidi Goverman and Dear Art Producer host, Heather Elder, launched a webinar hosted by Workbook Radio to bring timely conversations on topics affecting the commercial art community. Where We Are Now, is a webinar where viewers can watch live and write in questions for discussion during the program. Guest panels differ weekly and include brand and agency art producers, photographers, and artists’ representatives as well as accountants and bankers. The show tackles everything from marketing today, what is visually possible now, and navigating the Small Business Association loan process. Future episodes will deal with defining what future standards for production could look like. Find all episodes here

Dear Art Producer, COVID-19 specific episodes

Much of our discussions on Dear Art Producer, these days, center around COVID-19. Below are the pandemic specific episodes covering a myriad of topics with discussions starting with the most recent.

In Episode 61, Executive Producer Brenda Whaley joins the show to talk about lessons learned during the altered production process, covering everything from the importance of communication, viewing shoots remotely to adding time during the pre-production stage.

July 1 brought Episode 60 and a discussion with Photographer/Director Doug Menuez and Executive Producer Lynda Goldstein reviewing more proof of concept using safety protocols.

Recently, Photographer and Director, Tim Tadder and Executive Producer, Dahlia Weidmann, visited the show for Episode 59, where they shared safety protocols and the changes they’ve made on set during five different shoots.

For the first time since the pandemic, a team joined the show. Producer Tess Rockers and photographer/director Jennifer Davick joined the program for Episode 57 where they talked about producing motion under COVID-19 restrictions, the first of many proof of concept projects that our roster of artists are conducting.

May 4th ushered in the introduction of Episode 56 with guest Karin Onsager-Birch. We talked about the importance of communication and the fact that this period has brought innovation and creativity.

Episode 55 went live on April 29th, and it was the first time we ventured into the discussion with Emily Hoskins on what’s next in production, post-pandemic.

April 14th brought Episode 54 and guest Renee Jung. This episode covered what it means to push the pause button, balancing the to-do list, and taking care of one’s emotional well-being while sheltering in place.

Episode 52 went live on April 2nd and includes a conversation with Jennifer Dee, where she and Heather discuss pivoting during COVID-19.

Michael Kaminski returned to Dear Art Producer on Episode 51. On March 31st, we posted about the solutions Michael was seeing from photographers and directors during this COVID-19 world.

The March 26th show, Episode 49, included Heather hosting Wendy Gordon where they discussed all things production and the Facebook page Wendy started titled, “Production Resources: Corona Virus.” 

More episodes are being recorded every week so subscribe to be the first to listen.

Continued Community Involvement
Heather continues to appear as a guest of different organizations as part of webinars and podcasts, specifically addressing the effect of COVID-19 on businesses. Some of her recent guest appearances include

Q&A with ASMP Mountain West where Heather was the guest on the Experts and Masters Podcast.

APA Open Talk Webinar where both Heather and Photographer and Director Tim Tadder were guests.

ASMP Mountain West hosted a live discussion where Heather made a guest appearance with Mountain West Chapter President, Jake Campos.

ASMP Mountain West hosted a discussion with the photographers and directors who are behind the Art for Assistants movement. Jason Lindsey, Tim Tadder, Randal Ford, and Shaun Fenn made guest appearances for some Q&A.

Photographers Reaching Out

Tim Tadder hosts an Instagram live Q&A every weekday at 7:30A PST. Follow Tim on Instagram and get your questions ready.

We know, in this time of sheltering in place, things are changing quickly. We are trying to anticipate those changes and come up with solutions so we can all move forward together. Please check back as we’ll continue to update this post with any further developments.

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