Dan Goldberg’s Hospitable Environment Includes Strict Safety Protocols

“Because I thrive on family and the notion of togetherness, my studio is a respite that reflects my belief that family is the glue that holds us together through thick and thin.”

Dan Goldberg

Dan Goldberg‘s studio is a welcome place, an environment where everyone is always made to feel like family. So, how do you continue to work during COVID 19 with safety while also maintaining some sense of normalcy? We asked Dan to share his approach to working during the pandemic. 

After volunteering in Puerto Rico during Hurricane Maria, I learned a good lesson. The government will not be there to help when the shit hits the fan. You should prepare for anything and everything! We take this approach at our studio every day, and it has helped us work safely during this pandemic. When I started getting wind of a pandemic, I stocked up on N-95 masks, cleaning supplies, and five-gallon buckets of isopropyl alcohol. Safety and the health of my crew and clients is my number one concern. 

The Studio is Still a Welcoming Environment, and it’s equally as Safe.

Our studio is 6,500 sq ft. Crew members and clients are encouraged to social distance at a minimum of 6 ft whenever possible. The studio’s HVAC system is equipped with medical-grade MERV 13 air filters and UV lights to assist with clean air circulation. The studio receives daily deep sanitation that includes using commercial-grade cleaning supplies and the use of ozone generators. This process helps to kill bacteria and viruses living on surfaces and frequently touched places. We’ve placed additional air purifiers with HEPA air-filters all around the studio for additional clean airflow as well.  

We Ask Visitors to Follow Safety Protocols

PPE is available to anyone entering the studio. Hand Sanitizer, Hibiclens, and hand soap are widely available throughout the studio. Even though safety is the first thought of everything we do, hospitality is not lost. We recently installed a large tent, equipped with heat and wifi, to have socially distanced lunches in the studio’s parking lot. Inside, we’ve split our studio into zones where each department has its own zone to keep everyone at a safe distance. 

Any person coming to set will be asked to self-screen each day. Before entering, a daily medical questionnaire and temperature check are administered privately by either the Producer or Safety Monitor. If anyone reports symptoms before stepping on-set, we ask them to return home. Further, anyone experiencing illness or symptoms of COVID-19 on set must immediately notify the designated Safety Monitor on set. 

We welcome clients back into the studio and offer a designated area where agency and clients can safely work and view images from set. We continue to provide our clients with the option to stream studio sessions from any off-site location. The studio will remain diligent and continue to follow recommendations from the CDC, Illinois Department of Public Health, and Cook County Health Department. 

As Goldberg Photography continues to navigate through these circumstances and our approach to production, one thing has been a constant since day one – we are committed to maintaining safe and healthy work environments. We want our crew members and clients to have full confidence in knowing we are considering every angle of keeping our sets and facilities safe.

Download this PDF detailing Dan Goldberg’s COVID guidelines.

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