Dear Art Producer, Jacqueline Fodor and the Hero Image

We are seeing the role of the photographer evolving rapidly. In episode 5 of my Dear Art Producer podcast, I continue the forward momentum of affecting change by talking with Freelance Art Producer Jacqueline Fodor.

Link Here for Episode 5 – Jacqueline Fodor

Tune in to hear about Jacqueline’s journey from Los Angeles film wardrobe stylist, to San Francisco ad agency content producer where she cultivated and built production departments and helped shape the ever-changing landscape of producing commercial art. In this episode, we discuss the infamous hero image, multidisciplinary photographers, seeing life as a single image and photographer branding.

This weekly series shares conversations with Art Producers in Advertising, where together we can envision the future for this industry and take steps forward as a community. If you like the podcast, please do consider sharing it on social media and leaving a review on iTunes. We would love the help spreading the word.

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